Rules for the youth tournament
TSV TOWERS Speyer Schifferstadt

Rules for download: RULES

Changing the rules, even then both team managers agree, is not allowed.
The tournament is played under the current FIBA rules and regulations including the 2014 revision except for below stated modifications.
Team not showing up until 3 minutes after the official announced starting time will lose the game 20:0 and will receive no points.

Age groups:
Female young players „U16w“: born 2003 and younger
Female young players „U14w“: born 2005 and younger
Female young players „U12w“: born 2007 and younger
“U10 mixed”: born 2009 and younger
Male young players „U16m“: born 2003 and younger
Male young players „U14m“: born 2005 and younger
Male young players „U12m“: born 2007 and younger

We play 5x5 in each age group, and basket 3,05 m high.

Teams playing with female and male players will always play in the male groups.
We will check the age of player in all age groups.
Every player must have a valid ID showing a picture and the age. This can either be an ID card, players pass or similar. On request, the documents have to be presented to the hall manager before the end of the game. Players who cannot prove their age are not allowed to play. A game which takes place with the participation of a player not being able to prove their correct age will be forfeited by the team playing that player.

please feel out the players list ahead of the tournament: Meldebogen

Warm up
There is no allowance for warming up (Due to the amount of games to be played) therefore and due to the amount of teams we do not provide balls. (Please arrange this in your tournament preparation)
If both teams are wearing the same or similar colors, the first nominated team has to change to an alternative appropriate color!

Gemäß der FIBA-Regeln.
Please bring your own basketballs!
Size 5: U10 mix, U12 female, U12 male
Size 6: U14 male, U14 and U16 female
Size 7: U16 male

Game time:
The playing time is 4 x 6 min. without stops.
1 min. quarter, 3 min. half time, no time-outs!!!!

Time-outs are only allowed in the finals, 1 minute per team and quarter.

Bonus rules
We keep our bonus rule for fouls, since we have had good experiences in the past. No free throws during the game, this allows continuous and uninterrupted play. Instead the following rules apply:
o Foul during a missed shot: bonus point (the referee will signal that with a finger sign 1 point), possession with the team of the fouled player
o Foul during a scored shot: bonus point (the referee will signal that), possession with the opponent
o Foul after reaching the team fouls (5 per half time, no new counting after the first and third quarter): bonus point, even when not shooting (the referee will signal that).

Due to the shortened playing time, a player will be excluded after the 3rd personal foul.
Technical and unsportsmanlike fouls are noted on the back side of the sheet, the exclusion of the player take place after the secound foul according to FIBA rules.
Similarly, teams not following the instructions of referees or officials can be excluded from the tournament without compensation.

Player Change
Player changes are on the fly, substitute players have to enter the court at the midfield line where the substituted player has left the court. Wrong exchanges will cause a technical foul against the substitute player.

The order of teams is according to the following rules:
1. Game points
2. Teams with identical points will be ordered by the points difference accumulated in all games.
3. Remaining identical teams will be ordered by the most achieved points
4. Remaining teams will be sorted according to the points difference in the direct games
5. Are teams identical after scored points difference in direct games, they will be sorted according to the points scored in direct games.
6. Teams with lesser fouls will have preference.
7 . If teams remain identical, the winner will be drawn.

24-seconds rule
Is within the judgement of the referee.
I n case of an obvious violation, the referee can announce by calling “15” resp. “20” that she/he will call off the defense after 9 / 4 seconds.
In the age group U16m and U16f as well in the finals U14m and U14f, will be a 24sec clock if possible.
Otherwise a stop watch will be provided, the table has to call the referee and the teams.

Referees checking the ball
Inbounding the ball is performed without checking the ball, unless the referee has a different opinion and will use his discretion; her/his decision is final.

Game tie
All games except the finals, tied games will be decided in “sudden death”. The sudden death will be started with a jump ball and end with the first point scored (including bonus points). All finals will be decided after a 2 min. extension.

Zone / man to man defense
All age groups are required to play man-man defense.
Violation after a first warning will be punished with a bonus point and possession for the opposing team. Repeated and obvious violations will have a technical foul against the coach. The judgement is within the referees’ competence and will be announced immediately after the violation, when the offensive team doesn’t have a disadvantage. After the prompt, the game resumes with the possession before the interruption.

Criteria for the man-man defense (U14 and U16)
1. The ball handler must be closely guarded (a maximum of one arm's length).
2. Defenders on the ball side must not sink (Deny defense).
3. It may be doubled only at the ball owner.
4. Defenders on the clear side may sink to the basket-basket line.


Mini-Rules U10/U12

1. Free throw line

The free throw line is one meter nearer at the basket.

1. Scoring points

Baskets have the following value:
In the paint: 2 points.
Outside the paint: 3 points

2. Defense

o Man to man defense has to be played, the defensive player may not fall back more than 2 meters
o The man-man defense must always be clearly visible
o The active defense can only begin after the extension of the free throw line of the front court (beginning ¾ field).
o All types of doubling or trapping, presses full court or half court are forbidden. Intentional doubling has to be differentiated from unintentional crowding!

1) Defensive players, of whom the opponent is deliberately “parked” away from the ball and action to draw away a defender, may fall back more. Once the offensive player becomes active again, the defender must obey the 2m rule.
2) Once the defender is clearly beaten and the hoop under threat, assistance in defense is allowed

3. Offense

o All types of blocks are forbidden, both at the ball (e.g. Hand-Off) and also away from the ball.
o The only allowed tactical actions are Give and Go and cutting to the ball or basket.

4. Penalties (for 2 & 3):

Violations will after a single warning, be punished with a point and inbound at the middle line for the opponent.

Additional rules U10mix

1. Return:

Return play is allowed, the 8 seconds rule doesn’t apply.

6. Time

Referees will only in case of obvious violations against the 3- and 5- seconds rule interrupt.